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Giselle Sanchez endorses Quantum Pendant

“I have never believed in any product such as this one. It really has a scientific basis.”, says Giselle. ┬áThe quantum pendant apparently does the following for your body: ┬áreduces pain and inflammation, strengthens resilience to the effects of stress, Improves blood circulation, Increases energy and stamina, Improves sleep, Enhances mental performance and alertness,Reduces symptoms of fatigue,Relieves symptoms of jet lag,Reduces motion sickness,Enhances immune and endocrine systems,Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification,Helps to retard the aging process,Helps to fight cancer cells,

Giselle Has A blog!

Congratulations Giselle for being Philippine Entertainment Portals newest celebrity blog. Click on this address to logon to her blog.

Read Giselle’s column “Gossip Girl” every wednesday at Manila Bulletin

Giselle hits UK

July 29, 2007

Giselle was able to convince the shy Brits to dance and enjoy themselves in the Bracknell Barrio Fiesta held in Bracknell, United Kingdom.

Updated the website!

Finally, a new website for me.

This time we have a slide show for my photos.

Check out a couple of videos from YouTube. You can do a search for
“giselle sanchez” on YouTube and my videos will come up.

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